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July 2019


 Operations initialized and completed.

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Operations initialized and completed. Empty
PostSubject: Operations initialized and completed.   Operations initialized and completed. EmptyMon Apr 04, 2011 10:45 pm

Operation: H.M.S.

- Retribution.
"Six ships of different size and armament are constructed in a four-week schedule after the Company-merge, on the shores of Tanaris, with material from The Barge, Orgrimmar, Gadgetzan and Everlook. Two Gunboats and four destroyers." (ACCOMPLISHED)

- Blade of Compassion.
"Three of the four Company-destroyers participate in an organised sea-attack upon an Alliance Naval Convoy off the coast of Dustwallow. The operation went well with little Alliance resistance, composing of returned cannon-fire and anti-boarding action marines. Casualties of the Company: Four crates, one cannon, Battleship suffers hull-penetration from direct hit, but returns to Bilgewater just in time for repairs. Your Oblivion II suffers a loss of two crewmember, as a crate of Stick'em Up-dynamites detonate prematurely. Casualties of the Alliance(Estimated): Two Naval-crafts, incl. personnal. Main-Target got away.
The Company managed to retrieve Codename: Shiny from the Alliance." (ACCOMPLISHED)

- Hide and Seek.
"Codename: Shiny is to be taken to a safe location, as the Company Vault of Bilgewater will not sustain too many 'peers', so to say. Ideal and suitable locations are: Vox-Bunker 01 of Tanaris. Vox-Tower 02 of Durotar. Is to be discussed." (COMING SOON)

Operation: Big Tank

- The Construction
The construction of the Geman Huzz Oblivion Tank has commensed. Next De-briefing will determine updates and specific tasks to different co-workers and managers. (In Progress)

In this topic we'll discuss odds and ends of our events, specifically military and productions.
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Operations initialized and completed.
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