A EU-Defias Brotherhood roleplaying guild (RP-PVP)
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 Who are the Blackpowder Company?

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Who are the Blackpowder Company? Empty
PostSubject: Who are the Blackpowder Company?   Who are the Blackpowder Company? EmptyMon Nov 22, 2010 2:23 pm

The Blackpowder Company

The Blackpowder Company was forged from the unification of two companies sometime after the cataclysm shattered the world. One of the companies, The Honest Dogs Company preferred goblin workforce only, and keeping honesty in what they do. Selling and trading mostly, but occasional mercenary work, their motto was "Always get the job done". While the Malicious Company was goblin run, they focused on mercenary work and especially weapons production and research, competing againts bilgewater's production.

After a meeting, the two companies decided to expand their horizons, and unite. The company now strives for Trading and production aswell as Mercenary work. Focusing on these two paths for maximun profit. The new company remains goblin run, but they are open for cheaper workforce (anything non-goblin). Rumour says the company boss was decided with a flip of a coin.

The Blackpowder Company quickly rose to become one of the most organised facilities of the Horde, expanding beyond and into the Bilgewater Cartel's monopoly. Three weeks after the merge, Company Boss Gazzek Mertjen'dice spent ten percent of the Company's surplus-income to purchase and upgrade twenty percent of the Demolisher Production in Orgrimmar. Soon after, a trade-agreement between the Company Leaderboard and the Baron of Gadgetzan formed, fueling the Company Ship-industry with new life. With the recent loss of the former Malicious Company Flag-ship and Main-office, the "Operation H.M.S.(His Maliciousness Ship)" started progress, which basically was the construction of the Company Fleet. "Your Oblivion II" was the first Company Destroyer to set sail, five weeks after the Grand Merge. The production of weapons and increased activity on Kalimdor specifically, the Company is kicking ass and taking names, so to speak in the words of a Goblin Tradesman.

Prospering both in numbers and economy, the Blackpowder Company is creeping along the tower of authority in a world where Steamwheedle and Bilgewater run the show. It is difficult to say what the Company will become, and where it is going. But it is certain to say that the Horde will experience an extreme weapons-research and productions now that Bilgewater shares the market with an even competitor.


We are a goblin-run but not goblin only roleplaying guild on the server Defias Brotherhood in EU. Our main focus is roleplaying, but we do try to look for other aspects of the game as opportunities rise, such as World-PvP and PvE.

Our guild chat is in-character at all times. How do we talk to eachother over vast distances? Goblin walkie-talkies of course! Via. Vox-transmitters stationed upon Company-towers around Azeroth. The situation and position of these are classified.

For example: *bzzt* "Topdog here, just reminding you whoever left those explosives near the campfire this morning, for the sake of your career and our lives, don't do it again. Over." *bzz-pop*

We will also have an ooc-channel which will be given to you once you join the guild.

Concept of the guild:

Basicly you are working for the Company and you get paid for it (IC:ly of course). Each new member can apply for a specific career path within the guild and work their way from there, literally. Here are some example ranks to get a better understanding of the career paths:

Rookie (Mercenary path) - The first twig of the mercenary tree, serving as the footman of the Company's more enforcing aspects. Rookies are in military and specialised operations-training under the supervision of a Mercenary Elite, or a Company Manager.

(Trade/Production path) - When an initiate is tasked with the objective to finally do a trade or production-chain of his or her own, they are automatically promoted to the Courier Rank. As it says, this rank is all about responsibility and proving to the Managers and the Entrepreneurs that -you- are capable of doing what Marketing requires you to do! Sell goods, or make goods so someone else can sell 'em. No matter what, you earn cash, and the Company earns cash. The Courier is most likely to deliver goods and messages to and from the Company's trade-partners.

(More to be added possibly)

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Who are the Blackpowder Company?
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