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July 2019


 Job Application: Dealer!

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Job Application: Dealer! Empty
PostSubject: Job Application: Dealer!   Job Application: Dealer! EmptyWed Dec 08, 2010 7:47 am

Name (Ingame character's): Brykell Goldskimmer
Class: Hunter
level: 80

Experience in roleplaying and the game in general?
Been roleplaying with my 80 dwarf warrior alot. He was member of the Dwarven Rifle Squad(Now Three Hammers). It was very fun roleplaying with the dwarves, but when I heard about the new goblin race I admiatly wanted to change my roleplaying character.

The Honest Dogs Company

"Thank you for your interest for our Company, please fill the following form in order to apply for work at our Company."

Name:Brykell Goldskimmer

Your experience in handling explosives?
Explosives? I like watching things blow up for sure!, but I don't use them very often actually. My fast rapid fire arrows are good enough to do the job, but I got some explosives on my arrows.

Your experience in selling/buying?
Buy for less, sell for lots a gold! Making money is my middle name!

Your experience in combat?
Always in for a good hunting! Sneaking up to enemies and let my pet get a nice fresh dinner! When I killed the target I will strip them and sell all the stuff on the market Twisted Evil

How would you describe yourself as a worker?
I work alot! How do you think I get al my fansy stuff? That's by killing and robbing, being patient with selling and buying and working my ass off

What career path are you most interested in? (Bruiser, Dealer, Grenadier)
Dealer, It's all about the money right? Got my mind on my money and my money on my mind Very Happy

Why should the Company hire you?
Because I'm dedicated to the things I do and I will give my life for the company! I look out to work and fight along my fellow money making friends. Very Happy The Sky is the limit when you work togheter as a group. That's why It would be nice to work along goblins who are as dedicated as me.

Thank you for your application, it will be processed and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

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Job Application: Dealer! Empty
PostSubject: Re: Job Application: Dealer!   Job Application: Dealer! EmptyWed Dec 08, 2010 8:00 am

Mumbles for himself as he reads through the letter.

"Hmh.. Likes money.. AND explosives.. mhm.."

Scribbles "Job's all yours!" hastily on a piece of toilet paper.
Flushes down the toilet and walks over to a nearby mailbox.

Nice application! Happy to see someone applying for the Dealer position aswell.
Locking the thread for now. If you have any further questions contact me or Dax ingame or by a PM here on the forums.
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Job Application: Dealer!
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