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July 2019


 Rizel Razorblade - Application

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PostSubject: Rizel Razorblade - Application   Rizel Razorblade - Application EmptyWed Jan 05, 2011 5:25 am

Name (Ingame character's): Rizel Razorblade
Class: Rogue
level: 35 (lvling pretty fast)

Experience in roleplaying and the game in general?

I've been RPing on 4 different servers Sporregar, Moonglade, Argent Dawn and now Defias Brotherhood. I've been in various of guilds on each of these servers. I believe I've been RPing for about 2 years if not more now.

IC Job Application:'

Rizel Razorblade is a skilled thief who's also very experienced in trading and making a good deal. He's at the moment looking for a job where he can advance in one of his two speciel talents and hopefully become stinking rich!

The Honest Dogs Company

"Thank you for your interest for our Company, please fill the following form in order to apply for work at our Company."

Name: Rizel Razorblade
Age: 22
Gender: Male

Your experience in handling explosives?

I've done some engineering in my past so I'd say I know enough to handle the most explosives.

Your experience in selling/buying?

I can sell ANYTHING for a good price!

Your experience in combat?

I might have "accidently" stabbed a few rivals and one or two angry customers on the road to my so far succes.

How would you describe yourself as a worker?

Determined, quick-thinking, creative and a goblin who gets the job done no matter what!

Why should the Company hire you?

If you're looking for a good dealer who can sell whatever you want selled, I'm your goblin!

I can offer my loyalty and dedication to your famous company and I promise I'll emerge in your company.
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PostSubject: Re: Rizel Razorblade - Application   Rizel Razorblade - Application EmptyWed Jan 05, 2011 5:34 am

Daxarth smiles at the application "Short, and doesnt make simple answers too long. Perfect!" and he then stamps an APPROVED over the application.
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Rizel Razorblade - Application
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