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July 2019


 Job Application: FizzRocket

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Job Application: FizzRocket Empty
PostSubject: Job Application: FizzRocket   Job Application: FizzRocket EmptySat Jan 08, 2011 9:54 am

The Honest Dogs Company

"Thank you for your interest for our Company, please fill the following form in order to apply for work at our Company."

Name: Mr. Boyce FizzRocket
Age: 39
Gender: male -Scrawled arrow pointing to the 'Mr.' above-

Your experience in handling explosives?
Wait a minute... This is a trick question! I didn't mean to blow up that Pyrotechnic's lab I swear... hold on...
Scrap that. It's been uneventful so far.

Your experience in selling/buying?
Buying? You must have me mistaken for a hobgoblin! I once sold a Hobgoblin teeth for his Clucker!

Your experience in combat?
My experience in combat? Getting my hands dirty is not my think.
But Krenkorill my Felguard is deals with that kind of Po-lava. You can ask him. Just avoid the long words, or even words all together... Actually thinking about it don't ask him.

How would you describe yourself as a worker?
I do what needs to be done. Ethical guidelines do not really matter. The important thing is juicy juicy profit.

Why should the Company hire you?
-Points to Krenkorill- *COUGH*
I mean... Because I'll fill your coffers with macaroons!
More Macaroons than you can throw a troll into.
-Note if you cannot throw a troll without a machine then contractual agreement is not valid-

Thank you for your application, it will be processed and we will get back to you as soon as possible!
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Job Application: FizzRocket Empty
PostSubject: Re: Job Application: FizzRocket   Job Application: FizzRocket EmptySat Jan 08, 2011 10:33 am

Daxarth simply stares at the application unsure what to think. After a while he shrugs and stamps "APPROVED" over the application. "Should be an interesting case."

(( Accepted, contact me or Spliruz ingame for an IC-meeting))
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Job Application: FizzRocket
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