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July 2019


 Application: Pokehobbe Rocket-flare (hopeful bruiser) #3

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Pokehobbe Rocket-flare

Pokehobbe Rocket-flare

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Application: Pokehobbe Rocket-flare (hopeful bruiser) #3 Empty
PostSubject: Application: Pokehobbe Rocket-flare (hopeful bruiser) #3   Application: Pokehobbe Rocket-flare (hopeful bruiser) #3 EmptyThu Jan 13, 2011 10:46 am

Name (Ingame character's): Pokehobbe
Class: Shaman (Elemental and Restoration)
level: 60

Experience in roleplaying and the game in general?
: Well I have done RP before (up to lvl 20), I know the rules and everything I just haven't done it "Proper" before.
: Experience with the game in general is good. I know nearly everything there is to know about WoW as I have been playing since the Burning Crusade.

Name: "Earthsmasher" Pokehobbe Rocket-flare.
Age: 20. I've seen the world, but want to explore it more!
Gender: Male, but I do wander what I would look like in a dress.

Your Experience with handling explosives?
: Very good. I have a nice aim, and throw using my upper abs. In Kezan I could hit a disobeying troll from a land-mine away.

Your Experience with selling/buying?
:Well, back in Kezan my family had be doing a lot of selling... You know twisting the truth to get what you want. Hey, don't judge me, man. A goblin's got to do what a goblin's got to do.. Am I right?
:I aint got a problem with buying, I've done a bit of gambling but that doesn't mean, I've got a problem with it. I buy things I need. (and to sell off for a higher price to a poor troll sucker... The dumber, the better!)

You Experience with combat?
As you know, I can use a shield and mace, which I normally use. I like to get up close and personal.. You know? So I can smell their stinking breath and bloodied armour. I can do range though.. Went I want, and remember I don't do things for free or for cheap, so unless I wanna do it, Its going to cost ya.
And yes, melee is my "speciality" and if I don't have the buff you want me to give you.. Remember: I ain't got it, you don't want it!

Why should the company hire me?
Should I ask you this: Why should it not?
Besides, since the explosion on Kezan, I ain't got no job!
Also If I don't get the job I have wasted valuable time writing this: and every goblin should know... time is money friend!

Poke. Yes you can call me Poke... I think "Earthsmasher" Pokehobbe Rocket-flare Jenkins may be a tad long so.. Feel free to.

Umph.. You drive a hard bargain.
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Application: Pokehobbe Rocket-flare (hopeful bruiser) #3 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Application: Pokehobbe Rocket-flare (hopeful bruiser) #3   Application: Pokehobbe Rocket-flare (hopeful bruiser) #3 EmptyThu Jan 13, 2011 7:08 pm

OOC (Out of character):

We were all new to roleplaying once, even i learn new things everyday. Can't decline an application just because you are new to roleplaying since you are willing to learn obviously and even after three attemps you didn't give up is a good sign.

Remember, roleplaying is like being a character in a book. If you read a book let's say The Lord of the Rings, Frodo does not speak about how he got a parking ticket the other day when he parked his toyota infront of McDonalds, because in LOTR-world there are no cars or McDonald's. Even things you say can be OOC, your character cannot say "little old lady" or "k cya" because those are things we've learned to write in the real life through internet chats and so on. And majority of the roleplayers, speak as you would read in a book, such as "Okay, i'll see you later." complete sentences. Not "k, ill cya later".

Best way to begin roleplaying is planning your character's backround, here is a good guide to get you started: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/899459951

here are some other guides worth reading if you are really in to learning it all (click on names):

The Conversationalist's Handbook

Goblin lore (

If you don't know the server rules and want to be respected by other roleplayers, always obey the regular rules in a nutshell: No OOC in /yell or /say, and if you whisper another roleplayer they might prefer using brackets to know you are out of character at the time, like this "((Sorry, i disconnected.))" as an example. And when in an RP event, try to keep the OOC chatter to minimun, aka, if you are in a raid, people may want to focus on roleplaying instead of talking thing in an ooc chat. Also it may be annoying to some people if you write your RP-lines such as (Just to throw this in the bunch):

I just
wanted to

Put some thought in what you say, write complete and understandable sentences unless of course your character speaks with an accent, that's always okay. Let others speak aswell, pay heed to emotes, and also there is a term known as "godemoting", never do this, godemoting means using an /emote to overpower the one you are roleplaying with somehow, like in a fight if you go /me kills <Target>, this is godemoting. If you wish to try and kill someone in-character the best way to try and do it is /me attempts to shoot <target> in the head, this gives the opponent a chance to duck/evade, how would you feel if someone killed your character by "Bob shoots you in the head" emote, and you are powerless to do anything about it due to the nature of how you wrote it? Always give others a chance to react to what you are doing.

Before i forget, remember that not all things in WoW are In-character eventhough they are actually in the game itself. things like killing The King of stormwind in a raid. That's meddling with lore. Dungeon finders, PvP ques etc are not in-character. Game tools and such, even saying "AH" for auction house is kind of ooc, since it's chat-slang.

One last thing i can remember to say, even roleplaying a simple character can be interesting, your character doesnt have to be a half-demon-half-lizard, lost king of this and that. Commander of an army. Usually most of the more experienced roleplayers will only roll their eyes at people who walk around with self-proclaimed titles/achievement titles.

For now i'm accepting this application if you are willing to learn as you seem to be. I don't exactly know how much you know so i put in as much information i could think of now quickly. But it's a start. Just remember, roleplaying is about living in a fantasy world and enjoying it. It may seem like it has a lot of rules but over time you get to know them and everything will go smoothly. No stress. Smile
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Application: Pokehobbe Rocket-flare (hopeful bruiser) #3
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