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July 2019


 Application: Cantbry Cogsplosion

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Application: Cantbry Cogsplosion Empty
PostSubject: Application: Cantbry Cogsplosion   Application: Cantbry Cogsplosion EmptySat Jan 22, 2011 2:11 pm

Name (Ingame character's): Cogsplosion
Class: Priest
Level: 70

Experience in roleplaying and the game in general?

Playing since the launch of Wrath, with good experience of roleplaying in a number of Defias guilds. Want to do my bit to help the Goblin RP scene, because goblins don't get anywhere near the love they deserve.

IC application:

The Honest Dogs Company

"Thank you for your interest for our Company, please fill the following form in order to apply for work at our Company."

Name: Dr Prof Ambassador Father Cantbry Cogsplosion TLD
Age: 37
Gender: Male

Your experience in handling explosives?

I’m a goblin; of course I’ve got experience handlin’ the kabloomies. Not only that -- I write some friggin’ explosive literature! I’m an award-winning* academic-type writer with everything from financial guides (‘Thunder Bluffing: A Real Cash Cow’) to financial guides (‘Death and Taxes: Undercity, Under the Table’), and even financial guides (‘Blood Money: The Ultimate Elf Insurance’).

*The Cantbry Cogsplosion Award for Sick Kids or Somethin’

Your experience in selling/buying?
As a priest, one would expect that I adhere to a strict code of ethics. But as a goblin, my one rule is ‘Faith in Profit, Profit from Faith.’ My position as goblin of the cloth puts me in a very influential position, one that would be very easy to exploit. So why not? It’s not like there’s any kind of afterlife or nothin’.

And as owner and purveyor of Cogsplosion’s Cut-Price Marriagin’, I’ve overseen a good few mergers, if ya know what I mean. And some gob-damn weird ones too, but I hold true to the axiom of ‘All Equal Under the Light’ (as long as the cheque doesn’t bounce).

Your experience in combat?

Combat? Are you crazy? That’s friggin’ dangerous! I’m usually the one in the back with the swooshy hands, doing the priestly-type things and rifling the dead bodies for a few copper.

How would you describe yourself as a worker?
As long as there’s profit involved, you’d be hard-pressed to find a more relentless worker. Unless there’s any kind of religious holiday or somethin’. As ya can tell, I take my spiritual wellbeing pretty seriously.

Why should the Company hire you?
Didn’t you see the obscene number of qualifications before my name? I may not have the proper documentation for many (any) of ‘em now that the First College of Kezan went under (literally!), but I swear they’re legit. Would a priest lie? Don’t answer that question.

Thank you for your application, it will be processed and we will get back to you as soon as possible!
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Application: Cantbry Cogsplosion Empty
PostSubject: Re: Application: Cantbry Cogsplosion   Application: Cantbry Cogsplosion EmptySun Jan 23, 2011 8:59 am

"Seems legit enough, but we'll see." Daxarth mumbles and stamps an APPROVED over the application.

(You're right about goblins not getting enough love! Also accepted, contact me, Spliruz or Gilburg ingame for an IC-meeting whenever we are online!))
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Application: Cantbry Cogsplosion
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