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 Ranks of the Company!

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Ranks of the Company! Empty
PostSubject: Ranks of the Company!   Ranks of the Company! EmptyThu Nov 25, 2010 9:57 am

New Rank Order of the Company

Amateur (Rank 1) - The Company's new blood, who've passed both application and in-character interview. These are supposed to choose between the two tech-trees of the Company. Trade/Production or Mercenary. Lowest authority in the Company. Also serves as an indoctrination rank, where both skills and interests are examined.


Rookie (Rank 2) - The first twig of the mercenary tree, serving as the footman of the Company's more enforcing aspects. Rookies are in military and specialised operations-training under the supervision of a Mercenary Elite, or a Company Manager.

Armsman (Rank 3) - Next generation of Mercenaries, the Company Armsmen serve as the enhanced and bolstered enforcement of the Company. These are the Hired Guns, the "Dispose of 'em"-radical Squad of Utter Assault. These are the Soldiers of Blackpowder. Several tasks can be taken as an Armsman, either as a contract-hired gun, in the name of the Company, or take up Company Guard-duties, such as watching over industrial or advertisial interests of the Leaderboard.

Elite (Rank 4) - The backbone and brains of the Company's military wing, serving as both field-officers and tacticians, the Elites usually bodyguard members of the Leaderboard and the Boss himself. Elites of the Company are virtually inacquirable to the Common Customer, and are usually at a low quantity because of the cost. Elites usually lead squads of Armsmen and Rookies on behalf of the Company. Elites are only present in numbers during Debriefings or High-orientation meetings of the Company, or during bigger and LotsofMoolah-operations. Elites come in different aspects aswell, where melee combatants, gunmen and even spec-ops personnal make up the lines.


Initiate (Rank 2) - The beginning of a less violent career is at hand for those who choose the Trade/Production-tree, where the Company utilizes marketing interest. The initiate-rank serves as the Trainee rank for those co-workers who seek to master the act of crafting and cutting a deal, rather than killing people to death in exchange of their money-sacks.

Courier(Rank 3) - When an initiate is tasked with the objective to finally do a trade or production-chain of his or her own, they are automatically promoted to the Courier Rank. As it says, this rank is all about responsibility and proving to the Managers and the Entrepreneurs that -you- are capable of doing what Marketing requires you to do! Sell goods, or make goods so someone else can sell 'em. No matter what, you earn cash, and the Company earns cash. The Courier is most likely to deliver goods and messages to and from the Company's trade-partners.

Entrepreneur (Rank 4) - The ultimate goal of a sales(wo)man, or a fabricant, is to start up own business. The Entrepreneurs of the Company set up shop in the name of Blackpowder to increase the dominion of the Leaderboard in exchange of protection and wares-support. Entrepreneurs of the Company also teach initiates the way to Trade and Production, whilst Couriers help around the shop/facility.

The Leaderboard:

Manager (Rank 5) - Entrepreneurs and Elites can advance to the Manager-degree if the Leaderboard finds it appropiate, and if the certain individual has proven worthy to take up such responsibilites and tasks within such a rank. The Managers of the Company oversee -every- action, production and sale the Company might endure. They come in different shapes and sizes, where the Personnal-Manager and Manager of External Warfare are two of the most important. The Manager-part of the Leaderboard usually consists of 4 managers, two from each Tech-tree. A manager is allowed to sit by the Leaderboard for a maximum of four months, there-after a new Manager will be elected in. The Company's full capacity on Managers is determined on how many projects are at hand.

CEO - Chief Executive Officer(Rank 6) - The Ultimate Rank of the Company's employees. Not alone do these delegate tasks and projects to the Managers, these can also lay down a united front against Supreme Authority, or The Boss in 'your tongue'. The Leaderboard in total will consist of four managers, six CEOs and The Boss himself. CEOs participate in any greater project or action, and answer only to each other and the Boss.

The Boss (Rank 7)* - The chief, the leader, the king, the emperor, you name it. The Boss is -the- Boss, ya'hear? Counting gold in the Company Vault, and nodding or shaking his or her, mostly his, head to different suggestions during the Leaderboard Summits. Although the Boss might utilize sovereign dominance, the CEOs can veto a decision of his/her, should they find it an omen against the safety and survival of the Company. This, of course, requires some evidencial material.

*Unachievable Rank. It's taken!

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Ranks of the Company!
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