A EU-Defias Brotherhood roleplaying guild (RP-PVP)
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July 2019


 Application: Sleaze Scumrocket

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Application: Sleaze Scumrocket Empty
PostSubject: Application: Sleaze Scumrocket   Application: Sleaze Scumrocket EmptyThu Jan 27, 2011 10:57 am

Name (Ingame character's): Sleaze
Class: Shaman
level: 14

Experience in roleplaying and the game in general?

I have been RPing on WoW for about two years now, I've taken part in RP on other games such as UO and Hidden World for longer than I would like to disclose. (Ageing is a process I refuse to accept). I would not say I'm a novelist but I'd like to think I know how to play out my characters well and do my best to keep them fresh.

IC Job Application:

The Honest Dogs Company

"Thank you for your interest for our Company, please fill the following form in order to apply for work at our Company."

Name: Sleaze Scumrocket
Age: 38
Gender: Male

Your experience in handling explosives?

Is that even a genuine question to ask a Goblin? Who wrote this crap? My experience with explosives has been a lot like my exes, it's all good while you got your hands on them but once you let go they burn your freaking house down and take everything you own.

Your experience in selling/buying?

I never got into the sales side of business, Why go out of your way making something to give to someone else when you can build something to take their money and keep your creations in the process? (or blow them up which ever works for you).

Your experience in combat?

Been out of the game for a while before we got sunk I had my boys take care of the "complaints department" but I reckon I still got what it takes to teach a few of these wimpy mainland chumps a thing or two about face to face "negotiations".

How would you describe yourself as a worker?

I'm freaking marvellous, what the fel do you think? Now hurry up and stamp the damn thing.

Why should the Company hire you?

Because I didn't just fill this thing out so you have something pretty to wipe your green ass with that's why.

Thank you for your application, it will be processed and we will get back to you as soon as possible!
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Application: Sleaze Scumrocket Empty
PostSubject: Re: Application: Sleaze Scumrocket   Application: Sleaze Scumrocket EmptyThu Jan 27, 2011 11:00 am

*stamps APPROVED over the application*

((You contacted me already ingame so not telling you to contact our officers for an interview. Smile ))

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Application: Sleaze Scumrocket
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